ULVAC, We re able to provide several solutions in the field of Surface Treatment Technology for various application to cater vast industries.
Our facilities are equipped to provide low cost, high speed and high quality products to meet customers requirements.
Our facilities are also equipped to suit various sizes of parts and materials for treatment.

Our Surface treatment processes involves, Abrasive treatment ( Media Blasting with various grits ), Thermal spray ( Arc, Flame and
Plasma coatings ) and also Final cleaning in cleanroom conditions.
We can also provide services to refurbish parts /  jigs or shields by dry stripping and wet stripping processes ( Chemical solution).
Our services are also extended to provide dimensional control for part life management.

Final cleaning and finishing category

clean sufrace
Full Cleaning
Flame Spray coating
Full Blast
full coating
Full Coating
Arc Spray coating
Arc Spray Coating
chromium oxide cr203
Chromium Oxide
alumunium oxide al203
Alumunium Oxide
zirconia y203

our service and solution

Our Surface cleaning and Treatment division provides deposition removal and surface treatment finishing services as follows:

QC Inspection and Assurance check for each product

Chemical treatment

Surface Blasting treatment

Surface Coating Tretment

Cleanroom process

Vacuum Backing Treatment

Final Inspection and Vacuum Packing

cleaning part example

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