Bipolar unit for dual cathode MFU Series


Bipolar unit for dual cathode MFU Series

MFU Series

MFU-20K is a unit which converts the DC output into bipolar pulse output, by adding to ULVAC DC power generator (DPG series). It contributes to improved productivity and throughput at low cost.


  • Wide frequency range
    Can be operated from 10k ~ 100kHz ※1
  • Enables the larger capacity by a master/slave connection
    Parallel operation of maximum six MFU-20K is possible
  • DC output is possible
    It is possible to apply an output of input DC power generator to a cathode directly ※2


  • Reactive sputtering equipment for FPD
  • Reactive sputtering equipment for industrial coating
  • Reactive sputtering equipment for color TFT
  • All sputtering equipment


  • ModelMFU-20K
    Control power inputRated input voltageAC100V/AC240V
    Input voltage fluctuation rangeAC90 to 264V
    Phase, frequency1 phase 50/60Hz
    Input capacity400VA
    Input SpecificationOperatig voltage0 to -1000V※1
    Non load voltage-1200V
    Operatig current50A
    Output SpecificationMaximum rated voltage1000V(RMS)※1
    Non load voltageDC-1200V
    Maximum Rated current50A
    Oscillating frequency10k to 100kHz※2
    Duty cycle10 to 90%※3
    Cooling methodForced air-cooling
    Dimension(W×D×H)483mm×630mm×177mm(excluding protrusions)
    Applicable standardCE/SEMI F47/RoHS

    Ambient operating temperature 5℃ ~ 40℃(no condensation)
    Operating environment: Avoid direct sunlight, heat, dust, vibration, and without corrosive gas.
    ※1: The frequency is subject to a limit at voltage more than 800V.
    ※2: The output is subject to a limit at frequency more than 60kHz.
    ※3: The duty cycle is limited depending on the oscillating frequency.