Reactive Gas Process Qulee RGM2 Series


Reactive Gas Process

Qulee RGM2 Series

This process monitoring system has been developed for various kinds of applications such as etch, CVD and other reactive gas processes.
Using ULVAC’s original ion source and pumping system enables you to achieve stable measurements results.


  • Long term stable measurements results
  • Communication interface Ethernet compatible
  • Closed Ion Source Utilizing a Magnetic Field:
    Soft ionization provides less gas dissociation and higher sensitivity. Decomposition and adsorption due to thermal reactions are minimized in the ionization chamber.
  • Short distance between the process chamber and ion source allows quick-response of analysis.
  • Wide pressure range from 10-6 to 13kPa is available. (Choice of orifices)
  • No need for PC
  • “One Click” function
  • Max 120℃(248℉) High temperature bakeing.
  • Electron bombard degas
  • Protection and maintenance of ion source and secondary electron multiplier
  • Traceability of analysis tube (patent pending)
  • Various Leak Tests are Available (Helium leak test, air leak test, leak up)
  • Capable of total pressure measurement (External ionization gauge GI-M2)
  • This software is included and compatible with (Windows 7/8/10)


  • For etching and CVD process
  • Monitoring reactive gases during process
  • End-point monitoring for etching and cleaning processes
  • Residual gas analyzing
  • Leak testing


  • ModelRGM2-202RGM2-302
    Mass filter typeQuadrupole
    Mass range1 to 200 amu1 to 300 amu
    ResolutionM/△M=1M (10%P.H.)
    Detector typeSEM/Faraday cup
    Sensitivity1×10-3 A/Pa
    1.33×10⁻¹ Torr

    minimum detectable partial pressure

    (inside analyzer tube)

    1×10-10 Pa
    7.5×10-13 Torr
    1×10-12 mbar
    Ion sourceClosed ion source utilizing a magnetic field
    FilamentIr/Y2O₃ coated V type, 1pc
    Ionization voltage20 to 70 eV
    Emission current10μA
    DC amplification range

    1×10-5 to 1×10-12 A

    Maximum bakeout operating temperature120℃ (248℉)
    Differential pumping system
    Gas inlet valueConductance value with 3 different gas inlet modes (VPC-070)
    Max. sampling pressure13kPa
    Differential pumping systemWith intermadiate port and gas purge port
    Turbo molecular pump67L/s:N₂
    Fore pumpDIS090
    Pirani vacuum gaugeSW1-1
    Ionization vacuum gaugeGI-M2
    WeightPumping system:57kg / Controller:38kg
    Power supplyAC100V 15A
    Compressed airDry N2:0.4 to 0.7MPa (Φ6 one-touch joint)
     Dry N2:3×10⁺³ to 5.25×10⁺³ Torr (Φ6 one-touch joint)
     Dry N2:4 to 7 mbar (Φ6 one-touch joint)
    Control unit
    “One Click” functionCapable / He/H2O/N2/O2/Any gas
    External I/O and otherAnalog input×2 (0 to 10V)
    Set-point output×2 (fault,alarm)
    External interlock
    Baking heaterTape heater
    Sensor unit (Control box cable)5m
    SoftwareQulee QCS Ver.4.0 later(Windows 7/8/10)