Multi-Stage Roots Type Dry Vacuum Pump CR Series

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Dry Vacuum Pump

Multi-Stage Roots Type Dry Vacuum Pump CR Series

Dry Vacuum Pump CR series Ver.B is an air-cooled roots type dry vacuum pump. IT complies with international standard(CE,cTUVus).Stable operation and extended lifetime are possible because there is no oil inside of the pump head and no contact between rotor and cylinder.




Model CR16B CR30B CR60B CR300B
Max. pumping speed m3/h 16 30 55 300
L/min 280 500 920 5000
cfm 9.8 17.6 32.4 176
Ultimate pressure
Pa ≦ 3 ≦ 0.5
Maximum inlet pressure Atmospheric pressure
Maximum outlet pressure Atmospheric pressure
Power*2 (Phase)
(1)      (1)      (3)
100V    200V    200V
Motor rating kW 0.72 1.5 3
Inlet KF25 KF40 KF50
Outlet KF25 KF40
Weight kg 35 48 100
Applicable standard CE,cTUVus
Cooling method Air cooling
Gas ballast mechanism*3 Equipped
Maximum water vapor tolerance*4 g/h < 300 < 500
Standard accessory Power Connector,Remote Connector,Instruction Manual,Air filter,Guard

※1:Ultimate pressure is a value without gas ballast gas.
※2:Please specify phase and voltage when ordering.
※3:The valve for gas ballasts is an option.
※4:Maximum water vapor tolerance is a value when gas ballast is used. Make sure to use a gas ballast mechanism.

  Spec CR16B CR30B CR60B CR300B
Gas ballast Needle valve
Solenoid valve+Needle valve
Rubber foot
  Spec CR16B CR30B CR60B CR300B
Silencer RS-01+KitD
Simple silencer*1 EFS-11-NW25/2/2516
Soundproof cover
Power compatible BOX Ver.A→Ver.B
*1 Element inside needs to be replaced in periodical maintenance.
*2 It is impossible to connect it to ductwork in the facility(. Open type)