Multi-chamber Sputtering System MLXTM-3000N

Sputtering System Load-lock type

Multi-chamber Sputtering System MLXTM-3000N

MLXTM-3000N meets customer’s complicated requests by superior process flexibility and controllability, and excellent cost performance.


  • Wafer size: 3 to 8 inch (75 to 200mm)
  • Accurate film quality control is available with precise parameter control under contamination free environment
  • Flexibilities of various process such as thick Alminium, TTH Bawiermotal and staokfilm.


  • Metallization for semiconductor devices such as Power device etc.


ConfigurationTransfer system6sides transfer module x 1
ModuleLoad/Unload module: 2modules (or 1module and 1degas)
Process module: MAX 4 modules
Wafer Size75mm – 200mm diameter (3 to 8 inch)
Transfer robotVacuum transfer robot with double pick-up
Control systemPC control system
ApplicationPower Device (Front side and Back side), UBM, Mounted Device, SAW Device. Non-Standard Shaped Wafers
Pumping systemsMain PumpLoad/Unload module : Dry Pump
Transfer module : TMP
Process module : Cryo Pump
Roughing PumpDry Pump
Process Gas LineMAX 3 lines
Ultimate pressureTransfer: 1.3 x 10E-4Pa (1.0 x 10E-6Torr)
Process module: 1.0 x 10E-5Pa (7.5 x 10E-8Torr)
Electricity50Hz/60Hz, 3Phase, AC 200V
Cooling Water0.2 – 0.3MPa, Temperature 20 – 25ºC, 100L/min
GasProcess Gas: 0.05 – 0.1MPa (Dependent on Variety Gas)
Nitrogen : 0.05 – 0.1MPa
Compressed Air0.55 – 0.75MPa
GroundingA Class (1st Class) Ground line (10 ohm on less)
Option3″ to 8″ (75mm to 200mm diameter) wafer available
Shutter mechanism
Electrostatic chuck
RGA: Qulee
Loadlock module (optional TMP available)