Vertical Type Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace FHV Series

Vertical Type Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace

FHV Series

FHV series are used for various purposes such as quenching, tempering and brazing of various metals. Vertical two-chamber configuration which consists of heating chamber + preparation/cooling contributes to space saving by adopting elevation mechanism. Temperature data from heating process to cooling process can be seamlessly recorded for quality control of products.


  • Maximum temperature 1350ºC, Operation temperature 800 to 1150ºC
  • Temperature uniformity is within ±5ºC at 1150ºC
  • Keeping the heating chamber in vacuum for high quality and repeatability of products.
  • Optional rotating cooling mechanism is suitable to process long products such as cutting tools.
  • Thermocouple can be directly set on processing products for historical data of products temperature from heating to cooling as precise quality control.


  • Quenching, Tempering : various machine parts, parts for air plane.
  • Brazing : Heat exchanger, machine parts, parts for air plane, vacuum interception.


System 45 60 90 120 Remarks
Size Uiform hot zone (㎜) Dia meter 450 600 900 1200  
Height 450 600 900 1200  
Loading capacity (㎏) 180 320 900 1200 including tray’s weight
Temperature Max. temperature 1350ºC  
Operation temperature 800 to 1150ºC  
Temperature uniformity 1150ºC ± 5ºC Five points measurement at no load
Cooling Gas cooling 93kPa 30 minutes or less from 1150ºC to 150ºC when standard specimen is charged.
190kPa 20 minutes or less
Vacuum Ultimate vacuum 10-1Pa(10-3Torr)order.(High vacuum 10-3Pa (10-5 Torr) order is option) At degassed and empty conditions
Operating pressure 133 to 13Pa (1〜10-1Torr)  
Pump-down time 10 minutes or less 15 minutes or less from the atmosphere to 6.5Pa ( 5×10-2Torr) at no load
Leak rate
3×10-4 4×10-4 5×10-4 by pressure rise method
Power requirement (kVA) GH* 65 101 209 278 AC 200/ 220V
90& 120 type 400/ 440V 50/ 60Hz
3φ (Primary power requirement)
Cooling water requirement
(m3 /hr)
GH* 3 5 9 16 Pressure 2.5/cm2G (250KPa)
Temperature 30ºC or less ※25ºC or less,
with oil diffusion pump
Compressed air requiremen (Nm3 /min) Some 700KPa
Carrier gas requirement (L/min) 1.5 2.2 7.2 10 N2gas (N.T.P)
Cooling gas requirement (m3/times) 1.8 3 6 10 N2 gas (N.T.P)
Floor space requirement (m2) 2chamber type GH* 3.4×5.1 4×6.3 6×9 7×10 W×L
3.5× 2.3 4× 2.6 5× 3.5 6× 4 H×D

* Chamber used:P=Preparation(loading/unloading)Chamber,H=Heating Chamber,G=Gas Cooling Chamber,L=Oil Cooling Chamber