Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump PVD Series


Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump PVD Series

The PVD series are belt-driven compact rotary vacuum pumps with outstanding evacuation characteristics. They are used by a large number of ULVAC customers.



Model *1PVD-180(B)PVD-360(B)
Design pumping speed50Hz9m3/h(155L/min)19m3/h(310L/min)
Final pressure *26.7 x 10-1Pa
Motor (number of poles) *30.4kW(4P)0.75kW(4P)
Motor speed50Hz500rpm
Required oil volume0.3L0.5L
Oil *4ULVOIL R-7
Cooling methodAir-cooled
Intake pipe sizeinner diameter x outer diameterΦ28mm x Φ19mmΦ34mm x Φ27mm
Vent pipe size (JIS pipe screw thread)G3/4(PF3/4)G1(PF1)
Weight (pump + base)33.5kg43kg
External dimensionsW x D x H235 x 450 x 321mm275 x (500) x 321mm
Standard accessoriesBase, belt cover, motor pulley, V-belt, oil for 1 pump
OptionsTMX-1 oil mist trap, oil mist trap adapter, C-1/2 base with handle and casters

This specification uses SI measurement units. Conversion to non-SI units is as follows
Final pressure : 6.7 x 10-1 Pa = 5 x 10-3 torr

*1 PVD-B series models : PVD-180B and PVD-360B are versions of PVD-180 and PVD-360 with oil backflow prevention mechanisms.
*2 Measured by pirani vacuum gauge (about 6.7 x 10-2 Pa with macLeod vacuum gauge)
*3 When ordering, specify whether you require a motor, and if you do, specify its type, voltage and frequency. Totally enclosed fan-cooled motors, increased safety motors, and explosion-proof motors are available as options. (Except PVD-B series)
*4 Other oil types are available. Contact ULVAC’s Sales Department.