Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump VS /VSN Series


Oil Rotary Vacuum Pump VS /VSN Series

VS series is a single-stage oil rotary vacuum pump coupled with a direct-drive motor. ULVAC’s simplified design gives this lightweight pump the features of compact size along with low vibration operation. The substantial reduction in vibration of the VS series pump can help reduce the costs associated with having to perform special foundation work in facilities where vibration can be problematic. Additionally, enhancements in both the oil circulation and cooling systems result in increased stability of pumping performance at high inlet pressures. These VS series pumps are typically used in a wide range of applications, especially those having a large number of repetitive pumping steps that cycle from atmospheric pressure, such as in the automated leak testing of parts, as well as numerous other industrial applications.




Design evacuation speed50Hz150m3/h(2500L/min)240m3/h(4000L/min)
Final pressure *15.3Pa
Motor *2TypeTotally enclosed fan cooled motor
number of poles5.5kW(4P)7.5kW(4P)
Voltage/frequency200V/50,60Hz 220V/60Hz
Required oil volume8.0~10.5L
Oil *3ULVOIL R-7
Cooling waterPressure≦ 0.5MPa (gauge pressure)
Flow rate4L/min5L/min
Intake sizeJIS B 2290VG80 size
Vent sizeJIS B 2290VG50 size
External dimensions W x D x H940 x 352 x 460mm1062 x 352 x 460mm
Weight *4240kg280kg
Standard accessoriesMotor (attached), oil for 1 pump,
operating instructions (1 copy)
OptionsOil mist trap, gas ballast valve, oil return mechanism

SI units are used in this specification. The following conversion can be used for non-SI units.
Ultimate pressure: 5.3Pa=4 x 10-2 Torr
Cooling water presuure: 0.5MPa=5kg/cm2

*1 Measured by pirani vacuum gauge
*2 Options: The pump is also compatible with a increased safety explosion-resistant motor and pressure-proof explosion-resistant flange motor.
*3 Other oil types are available, upon request.
*4 Values in parentheses indicate the weight of the pump unit only.