Pendulum Valve VFR Series


Pendulum Valve VFR Series

Pendulum Valve VFR Series

ULVAC’s VFR series Large Pendulum Valve (gate valve) offers a compact design with unique technology. Applications include OLED, PV,Glass, FPD, and other manufacturing systems.


  • Due to ULVAC’s unique differential pressure mechanism the ULVAC VFR pendulum valve minimizes particles, valve wear, and vibration during normal operating conditions.
  • The valve casing is easily removed without removing the valve from vacuum system or pump. After removing the valve casing, the valve plate can be removed only picking a bolt, and the the valve is readily maintained.
  • The ULVAC VFR series valves can be installed anywhere in vacuum system. Free rotation and installment angle is flexible (360-degrees).


  • Large display manufacturing systems
  • OLED manufacturing systems
  • Other vacuum systems as main valve and gate valve


Common port diameterΦ400mmΦ500mm
Flange specification
(JIS B2290 equivalency)
Open/close specification2 positions
Open/close operation principlePneumatic
Open/close time8sec12sec
Valve plate sealReverse pressure capable
Open conductance50000L/s90000L/s
Pressure range1.0×10-5Pa~0.12MPa(abs)
Allowable baking temperature
(at stopped)
Valve body : < 120℃
Cylinder : < 80℃
Valve body : < 248F
Cylinder : < 176F
Allowable ambient temperature10 to 80℃
50 to 176F
Allowable Gass temperature10 to 80℃
50 to 176F
Compressed air pressure0.50 to 0.70MPaG
72.5 to 101.5psi
5.0 to 7.0bar
Compressed air supply portΦ8 tube connection
Maintenance cycle100,000
Mouting angleFree
Main parts materialValve body : AC4CH-T6
Seal plate : AC4CH-T6
Seal materialVacuum side:FPM
Flange to flange dimension150mm170mm