Dry Etching System for Opto-Devices, MEMS NLD-5700

Dry Etching System for Opto-Devices


Production type dry etching system with ULVAC original NLD (Neutral Loop Discharge) Plasma Source.



  • ICP type etching chamber, CCP or Ashing chamber is also selectable as 2nd chamber.
  • Low process pressure, high density plasma, low electron temperature are perfect for quartz glass, Pyrex, LN, LT etc.
  • Good profile control and surface roughness.
  • Good performance of deep SiO2 etching with PR.
  • High etching rate of Quartz > 1μm/min, Pyrex > 0.8 μm/min.
  • Excellent uniformity control.


  • Optical Devices (Wave guide, amplifier, optical switch etc), Micro lens, Photonics, μ-TAS etc.