Warning Notice against abusive imitation of ULVAC brand.

Dear clients / customers / consumers,

ULVAC manufactures and trades high quality and reliable machinery/equipment including vacuum pumps and other vacuum components including parts. For legal protection worldwide, ULVAC is registered under the International Trademark Registration No. 1088061 covering large volumes of goods and services in 11 classes of Nice Classification. Currently, ULVAC is officially protected in 14 jurisdictions including, among others, European Union, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Vietnam.

Recently, we have become aware of certain trademark infringements and/or acts of unfair competition by registered domain names illegally and fraudulently using the name ‘ULVAC’, for the online selling of identical and/or confusingly similar machinery/equipment/services, thus being intentionally misleading to consumers. One such website is “ulvac.vn”.

In order to avoid any possible confusion and/or mistaken purchase, we publish this Warning Notice to all of our clients, customers, consumers and third parties confirming that we do not have any relationship with the domain “ulvac.vn” and, therefore, we are not responsible for any low quality and/or improper performance of machinery/equipment purchased on “ulvac.vn” website, or on any other “ulvac.” websites not duly authorised by ULVAC, Inc. Furthermore, we cannot investigate and/or guarantee the genuineness or quality of any products (even if they are allegedly ULVAC products) sold on websites not authorised by ULVAC, Inc.

For the above reasons, we would strongly recommend that consumers only purchase ULVAC machinery/equipment/services directly from authorised ULVAC websites and/or authorised distributors who have been authorised by ULVAC, Inc., as per the following links :

Singapore : www.ulvac.com.sg / www.ulvac.sg

Thailand : www.ulvac.co.th

Malaysia : www.ulvac.com.my

Philippines : www.ulvac.com.ph

Vietnam : www.ulvac.com.vn

Indonesia : www.ulvac.co.id

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