ULVAC vacuum gauges have been developed based on rich experience and technology in the vacuum field. From Pirani vacuum gauges to ionization vacuum gauges and ultra high vacuum gauges, in other words, from atmospheric pressure to ultra-high vacuum (10-12 Pa), we have a lineup of vacuum gauges for all industrial areas, measurement conditions, and applications.

Transducer Type

Display Series_Display Unit ISG1 Series
Cold Cathode Ionization Gauge SC1 Series
Smartphone-Direct Gauge SWU-10 Series
Pirani Vacuum Gauge SP1 Series
Atmosphere Pirani Gauge SW1 Series
Pressure Sensor Unit SAU Series
Display Series_Ceramic Capacitance Manometer
Ceramic Capacitance Manometer CCMT-D
Multi Ionization Gauge ST200 Series
Multi Ionization Gauge SH200 Series

General Purpose Type

Extremely High Vacuum Gauge AxTRAN Series
Ionization Gauge GI Series
General Purpose Type Pirani Gauge GP-G Series